Do You Want to Look Tight Toned and Strong in Your Swim Suit This Summer?

Look and Feel Confident on the Beach!

Join Body Fit Boot Camp (Gårdet) this Summer and watch your body 

get strong, fit and healthy in Six Weeks

Are you are looking for some fun and very effective outdoor fitness training this summer that guarantees you awesome results?

Are you bored with your local gym workouts, bored of power walking and pounding away at your knees and back from hours running and want new exciting training that pushes your body to get strong and lose unwanted kilos?

Each summer we hold a fun and challenging outdoor fitness bootcamp that pushes people out of their comfort zone and takes your fitness to a new level you never thought possible. 

Body Fit Boot Camp is back in Gärdet this summer to make sure you don't gain any extra kilos. 

Many people gain 2-4 kilos during the summer months due to wine, ice cream, barbecues and other nice temptations.

Last summer we had many members losing lots of kilos of unhealthy body fat. They increased their fitness levels by at least double and felt much stronger. 

Our training sessions include body weight training, running, plyo-metric training, core, stability and functional training that gets your body tight, strong and fit in weeks.

This summer we are holding a six week boot camp. The sessions are 3 times per week.

Mondays and Wednesday at 18:00 and Saturdays at 10:00

The price is 1970 sek for the whole 6 weeks. You will receive access to our nutrition meal plans so you can eat healthy throughout the six weeks. You will also be given a healthy guide shopping list to help prepare your meals. 

If you wish to join Body Fit Boot Camp then please complete the application form. Simply click the yellow button.  We ask everyone to apply this way to ensure you have a great experience at our training. We want motivated, high energy people that understand that great results takes effort. Once you apply you will receive a phone call inviting you to our boot camp and explaining your next step. 

Apply today and save your place for July 2014.

Good luck and hope to see you at Body Fit Boot Camp. 

Spaces are very limited. Apply here for your place.